Camp Administration Concentration


For almost a decade, Grace Theological Seminary has been privileged to have an ongoing relationship with Camp Forest Springs to provide students with training in the area of camping ministry. This degree combines excellent biblical training at Grace in addition to an 11-month internship program with Camp Forest Springs. This degree combines 30 hours of the M.A. in Local Church Ministry degree with 12 credit hours given for the internship that takes place at Camp Forest Springs. The internship may occur either before or after the coursework is completed, though completing the coursework first is preferred.

Course Requirements for M.A. in Local Church Ministries


TH 501 Systematic Theology I

An introduction to theology and its sources. Foundations will be laid in the areas of Prolegomena, Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pneumatology and Angelology.

TH 502 Systematic Theology II

A survey of the following basic areas of theology: Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology.

TH 511 Hermeneutics

This course is designed to present the history of and to acquaint the student with the main principles of biblical interpretation and to introduce background material about the historical, cultural and linguistic milieu out of which the Bible came. It includes case studies in order to practice developing biblical insights for confronting today’s problems.

PM 601 Spiritual Formation

This course investigates the biblical and personal foundations of spiritual growth, known theologically as sanctification. It is designed to help the learner understand the impact of family history, personal development and life experiences on one‘s theological outlook, emotional maturity, relational patterns, moral decisions and ministry effectiveness. Through personal prayer projects, experiential learning and small group interaction, learners will gain a richer sense of self-awareness in order to open more deeply to the love and truth of God. This integrative course attempts to connect theological truth to life in order to explore God‘s design for growth and how the individual might cooperate within the context of a developing, relational Christian spirituality.

PM 660 Principles and Practice of Prayer

Recognizing that prayer is a primary activity of every Christian, the basic biblical principles of prayer are carefully studied. The prayer life of the pastor/ missionary, along with the responsibility of leading a congregation in its prayer ministry, will receive special attention.

TH 514 Biblical Backgrounds

Students will seek to understand how people thought, communicated and lived in the ancient world during the OT, NT and intertestamental periods. Special emphasis will be placed on key people groups and political, cultural, theological and literary developments that form the background to the Bible. Students will learn to use insights from geography, cultural anthropology, archaeology, sociology, philosophy, politics, literature and history for the interpretation of Scripture in light of the history and culture of the people to whom it was addressed.