Women's Leadership Studies Concentration


Grace College and Seminary and Women of Grace U.S.A. are partnering to provide this degree opportunity for women who are already in ministry and are looking for quality training to develop their leadership skills. The Women’s Leadership Studies program is for women who desire interaction and challenge from others within ministry. This new program will help women to grow in their personal awareness of strengths and weaknesses as a leader in a Christian ministry setting. The Women’s Leadership Studies program will also help these women develop both ministry values and skills to make genuine connections with others in order to experience God’s love through spiritual friendships and community. Women in the program will gain leadership skills related to the organization and administration of ministry programs in church, para-church and mission environments while internalizing a biblical worldview of dependency on God.

Certificate Program

Certificate will be CEU credits. Six classes required for a certificate issued from Grace College & Seminary. A bachelor’s degree is not required.

Master of Arts Online or Residential Program

With a bachelor’s degree, additional pre- and post- coursework will be completed to give academic credit for courses taken in the Women’s Leadership Studies program. Core classes in Bible/Theology can be met online or residentially. Women’s leadership class credits will be applied toward a concentration in either the Master of Arts in Local Church Ministry or the online Master of Arts in Ministry Studies.

Course Requirements for Residential M.A. in Local Church Ministries Women's Leadership Concentration

Course Requirements for Online M.A. in Ministry Studies Women's Leadership Concentration


Examples of courses in this major:

Spiritual Formation

This course investigates the biblical and personal foundations of spiritual growth, known theologically as sanctification. It is designed to help the learner understand the impact of family history, personal development and life experiences on one‘s theological outlook, emotional maturity, relational patterns, moral decisions and ministry effectiveness. Through personal prayer projects, experiential learning and small group interaction, learners will gain a richer sense of self-awareness in order to open more deeply to the love and truth of God. This integrative course attempts to connect theological truth to life in order to explore God‘s design for growth and determine how the individual might cooperate within the context of a developing, relational Christian spirituality.

Women and Scripture

Embracing God’s unique design for females and learning how God uses women to impact others. This course deals with the unclear thinking about women in leadership in the church and develops biblical perspectives on our current culture’s messages about women.

Biblical Foundations of Leadership

Development of philosophy of ministry and exposure to organization and administration principles of effective leadership.

Principles of Effective Bible Study and Teaching Ministry

Bible study and interpretation skills applied to a teaching ministry.

Soul Care in Leadership

This class will examine how to journey with others in the midst of their questions and pain. Since pain is an inevitable part of this world, we will work to develop a theology of suffering, understanding how God uses pain as part of the spiritual formation process. Instead of running from it, trying to numb it or pray it away, we will begin to ask the question of what God may be up to in our lives as we process through pain. This class will also address how to maintain balance and perspective in the midst of caring for others in the context of ministry leadership.

Equipping Others for Ministry

Teaches students how to empower and nurture ministry skills in others.