Engineering Department

Grace’s engineering program promotes the application of science and technology by preparing graduates for the practice of engineering and engineering technology at the professional level. You will be mentored by highly qualified faculty who are invested in helping you integrate your faith into all that you do. We see engineering as a commitment to service with applications in areas as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing, and the environment. We also provide valuable real-world experiences through internships and co-ops, including placements within our world-renowned orthopaedic industry.

  • Mechanical Engineering - The essence of Mechanical Engineering is to design, build, and test machines that meet the needs of people everywhere. The coursework in physics, materials science, design, and manufacturing along with extensive co-ops prepare students for the workforce.
  • Mechanical Engineering Management - This degree not only provides expert training in Mechanical Engineering, but also business and management courses to prepare for leadership roles in the field. 
  • Design Engineering Technology - This degree is computer-aided design (CAD) oriented, using computer technology for the process of design and design documentation. The degree incorporates industry leading design software into the applied engineering coursework.