Design Engineering Technology


This degree is computer-aided design (CAD) oriented, using computer technology for the process of design and design documentation. The degree incorporates industry leading design software into the applied engineering coursework.


Examples of courses in this major:

ETD 1030 Basic Technical Drawing

A course in the fundamentals of drafting. Use of instruments and materials, lettering and techniques of penciling. Primary emphasis is on shape and size description of three-dimensional objects. Preparation of drawings for various reproduction processes. Application of drawing geometry and study of sections and conventional practices.

ETD 1230 Manufacturing Materials and Processes

Physical properties of ferrous and nonferrous materials such as wood products, plastics and rubber. Heat treating and testing of metals. Industrial practice in the working of metals and plastics. Fundamentals of metallurgy, machining, casting, welding and forming.

ETD 2630 Design, Analysis, and Prototyping

The use of the CAD system as an engineering tool for the presentation of engineering problem solving. The set-up and maintenance of CAD systems. A study of the advanced techniques that are available on typical CAD systems and their applications in industrial systems.  

ETD 3330 Statics and Strength of Materials

Principles of statics, analysis of structures, graphic methods and friction as applied to the inclined plane and wedge. Simple direct and combined stresses, determination of structural sizes as function of unit stress, and physical properties of the materials.