Mechanical Engineering Management


Mechanical Engineering Management not only provides expert training in Mechanical Engineering, but also business and management courses to prepare for leadership roles in the field. 


Examples of courses in this major:

PHY 2240 University Physics I

A course covering motion, mechanics, energy, gravity, and waves. The course is designed for engineering and mathematics students, and incorporates calculus.

EGR 2130 Statics

The first course in engineering mechanics. Subjects covered include: force and moment vectors, equivalent systems, trusses, frames, and machines, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies, static friction, centroids and moments of inertia.

BUS 3480 Operations and Production Management

The course studies the theory and practice of managing the production environment including plant layout and best practices in production.

EGR 3820 Engineering Economics

An introduction to the economics component of design and problem solving. Application of economic concepts from present and future value of money, depreciation, and taxes to problems involving replacement studies and selection between alternative uses of capital. Methods include equivalent worth, rate of return, and incremental techniques.