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Communitas is an annual symposium organized by the Office of Faith, Learning, & Scholarship as a way to encourage student scholarship, highlight creative expressive and foster the integration of faith and learning. Structured much the same as a professional academic conference, the event is held each year in conjunction with the spring semester Day of Worship. Student papers, displays, artwork and performances range across the disciplines in a celebration of the vibrant sense of academic community at Grace College & Seminary.

Students who would like to participate as presenters should fill out a proposal, which can be found on the campus portal.

2014 Communitas
2014 Communitas Program

2013 Communitas
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2013 Communitas Program

2012 Communitas
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2012 Communitas Program

2011 Communitas
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2011 Communitas Program

Alpha Chi – Indiana Gamma Chapter

Alpha Chi is an interdisciplinary honor society, admitting students from all academic disciplines that are among the top 10 percent of that institution's juniors, seniors and graduate students. The Indiana Gamma chapter at Grace College is one of 300 chapters across the nation. The organization's motto, "Making scholarship effective for good," summarizes its two-fold purpose: to recognize students that exemplify the highest ideals of character and scholarship and to serve others by supporting academic pursuits and meeting practical needs. In addition to supporting rigorous scholarship among Grace students, our chapter does service projects around campus and the community. All the proceeds support child literacy.

Select students from the Indiana Gamma chapter also attend the National Convention each year to present their scholarship and to compete for fellowships and scholarships. For the past several years, students studying in various departments from Grace College have received high honors and financial scholarships for their presentations, research and excellence in communication.

Past Initiatives

Scribblous Company

Scribblous Company began as a small gathering of like-minded students who came together around a common interest in the written word. From its roots as a discussion group, the Company grew into a vibrant community of artists committed to promoting community between the artistic and academic disciplines; provoking conversation of art, literature, philosophy and theology; and providing a channel for the expression of creative ideas. Starting in Fall 2010, Scribblous Company published a quarterly literary journal, "Scribblous Magazine", a reflection of the artistic endeavors and scholarly efforts of members in the Grace College community.